What is ACB Panel?

ACB panel stands for Air Circuit Breaker. The main function of air circuit breaker is to open the circuit automatically when a fault occurs. Faults can be of various types – under or over voltage, under or over frequency, short circuit, reverse power, earth fault etc. The main advantage of air circuit breakers was that it completely replaced oil circuit breakers.

Air Circuit Breaker Function:

Functions of Air Circuit Breaker are:

  • It opens or closes a circuit automatically or manually.
  • Open circuit automatically when a fault take place such as over current, short circuit, earth fault, over frequency, reverse power, etc.
  • It dampens the arcing in case of overloading

Type of ACB:

  • Plain Break type ACB.
  • Magnetic Blowout Type ACB.
  • Air Chute ACB.
  • Air Blast Circuit Breaker

Plain Break type ACB:

Plain ACB is the simplest form of air circuit breakers. Their point of contact is in the shape of 2 horns. In this type of circuits, the arc of the breaker extends from one tip to the other tip.

Magnetic Blowout Type ACB:

Magnetic blowout ACB’s are the breakers that are used where voltage capacity is up to 11KV. The arc in this type of circuit gets extended by the current in blowout coils which produce a magnetic field to produce extension in the arc.

Air Chute ACB:

In this type of ACB, the main contacts are made up of copper. The current is conducted in closed positions of the contacts. Their contact resistance is very low. Their contacts are silver plated. They are solid and heat resistant. 

Air Blast Circuit Breaker:

These types of circuit breakers are used for heavy voltages of 245kV, 420kV or more. They have further categories:

  • Axial Blast Breaker
  • Axial Blast with Sliding Moving Contact

Drawback of Air-Break Circuit Breaker

Some of the drawbacks of ACB are:

  • Inefficiency at low current when the electromagnetic field is weak.
  • The chute of breaker is not less efficient in its lengthening action at high currents, instead, the movement of the arc into the chute of breaker tends to become slower.

Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) Construction & Working

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